About Pavel Shaganenko

Sales Representative-Key Team Member

As an entrepreneur in the construction business, l have years of experience in consultation, project management, take-off, and estimations. I have experience in building new homes in and around the Greater Toronto Area and have also worked on many home renovations, expansions, and other additional projects. Having lived downtown since the 90s, I have true passion and extensive knowledge of the area. I’m committed to providing a full-service experience to my clients, right from analyzing my clients' needs and wants, reviewing their budget, and guiding them to find homes that fit their specific requirements.

I can help to enhance the built-in needs of new homeowners or potential clients who are looking to make home improvements before putting their houses on the market. With my years of hard work in the construction industry, I have a personal network of suppliers and tradespeople, such as carpenters and steel contractors, who can lend their expertise in renovating your home.