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The Matt and Ben Toronto Real Estate Team

Buying The Right Toronto Condo- The Basics

21 November 2014

If you are thinking of buying a condo how do you determine which one is right for you?  4,813 available units does not even include assignments, exclusives, and private sales!

In order to begin the daunting task of eliminating 4,812 of these suites and finding yourself the perfect one, start with the following four basic variables. 

"There are still many rock solid investments that can be made in the condo market in Toronto as the city's population growth continues. However, there are just as many poor investments out there and it truly requires a straight shooting real estate advisor/sales representative to help guide you through the many choices." Matt and Ben


Which neighbourhoods do you like?  Toronto is a city of hoods!  A loft in Leslieville? A tower suite on Queens Quay? Perhaps a great walkable location on Queen West?  A prestigious location like Forest Hill Village? Determining which neighbourhood you would like to live in will determine where you shop for groceries, who your neighbours will be, and for some where your children might play. A neighbourhood is a lifestyle and the choice is important. Have a look at our neighbourhood profiles to learn more about all Toronto has to offer.


Do you like modern? Glass and Steel? Boutique? Hard Loft? Soft Loft? Charming? Cool? Slick? There are so many types of Toronto condominiums.  What are your favourite architectural styles and what is your taste in interior design? Toronto has everything you could possible want and plenty you didn't even know existed. Learning about style will show you what your money can buy and open you up to all this city has to offer.


This is a very important and fundamental question.  Do you want to stroll to get your dry cleaning, would you like to be close or far from public transit, do you want a short commute to go out for drinks or dinner, do you like to walk in a park? Walkability determines how close you are to all the amenities a city has to offer. Learn what the walk scores for your favourite neighbourhoods are to get a clear picture of how easily accessible everything will be near your new home.


Is a concierge important? Do you need a great gym? Is security a concern? Do you like to barbecue? Do you need to land your helicopter on the roof? (Ok just making sure you were paying attention.) But on a serious note - Toronto condos are not all the same. They all have different features and generally, you pay for those features. So you should buy a condo that has the features that are important to you! You will be paying condo fees one way or another, it's best to opt for a location where you feel you are getting the best return on your money. 


At the end of the day your best option is to find a Toronto real estate agent that is the right fit for you. One that knows the buildings and neighbourhoods well and can help with your process of elimination. It can take months of headache off of your search and makes the process more enjoyable. A great Toronto realtor will guide you in the right direction. And here is the best part - the service is free! The seller pays the commissions typically on a real estate transaction.

If you're interested in learning more about what we can help you with give us a shout any time 416-465-7850 for a no obligation chat. If we aren't the right fit - we will recommend someone that is!